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Development Index
Growth Outlook Over Time
High short-term change
National Building Plaza 100 H St NE, Washington, DC
  • Office
  • Under Construction
  • Q2 2017
Judiciary Residences 350 K St NE, Washington, DC
  • Apartments
  • Planned
  • Late 2018

What is Recity?

Recity is a data research and analytics platform that reveals future real estate trends in growing urban markets. We comb websites, building permits, zoning documents, and more to identify the most relevant and real-time information. Applying proprietary algorithms, we generate on-demand data insights, analytics, and visualizations so you can make smarter, faster decisions.

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Development Index

Look up any address and instantly quantify the expected growth based on nearby construction activity.


Metrics & Insights

View on-demand analytics related to nearby projects and permit activity, broken down by status, type, timing and more.*


* Available for Advanced users only


Upcoming Tenants

Know which tenants will be opening in nearby developments.

Map of Developments

Quickly visualize activity by browsing a map of Recently Completed, Under Construction, Planned and Unannounced projects.


Development Details

See key project details including project type, status, estimated completion date, developer and more.

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Who uses us?

  • Real Estate Agents
    Help your clients buy and sell homes with instant neighborhood intelligence about upcoming developments and retail tenants near any address.
  • Commercial Brokers
    Comprehensive data gives you immediate market intelligence and a competitive edge to market your listings or find your clients the perfect space.
  • Developers
    Continually updated project information and data analytics provide market intelligence while keeping tabs on the competitive landscape and expected supply over time.
  • Retailers
    Use our analytics and insights to plan growth, influence the selection of future locations, and learn where other retailers are opening.
  • Investors
    Use our analytics and insights to research real estate opportunities in growing neighborhoods and make better informed investment decisions.
  • Lenders & Appraisers
    Use our comprehensive development details, data analytics, and metrics to inform loan committee and appraisal reports and decisions.
  • Contractors & Suppliers
    Use upcoming development information to identify leads for new business opportunities.
  • Cities & Academics
    Use our data and metrics to support trend analysis, quantify development, and guide growth and development proposals and reports.

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  • All Memberships Include:

    Map of Developments

    View large developments that are either Recently Completed, Under Construction, Planned.
  • Basic Development Details

    Get key development details, including project type, status, estimated completion date, developer and more.
  • Development Index & Growth Outlook

    Look up any address and easily quantify the expected construction activity based on all nearby projects.
  • Upcoming Tenants

    Know which tenants will be opening in nearby developments.
  • Location Forecast

    See all nearby development projects in a timeline view.
  • Mobile App

    Subscribers have access to our iPhone companion app to browse projects and locations on the go. (Android coming soon!)
  • Advanced Features Only:

    Advanced Metrics & Insights

    Get on-demand analytics for nearby projects broken down by status, type, timing and more.
  • View Unannounced Projects

    View parcels that have been recently acquired and have a high likelihood to develop.
  • Additional Development Details

    See extra development details for a project, including architect, groundbreaking date, construction type and more.
  • Advanced Filtering

    Filter projects by various options including size, scope, status, timing and more.
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About Recity

Recity is a data analytics company providing unique metrics to assess the likelihood of construction activity in redeveloping urban markets.

As more people choose city life over suburban living, new retail and multifamily developments are being built and existing homes are being renovated.

Recity collects and monitors data related to these trends and provides detailed metrics and insights to empower its users with instant knowledge of where neighborhoods will develop.